May 20th 2024

The ancient Irish People, who predate the State by centuries and who have long asserted our rights to freedom from tyranny, do so again.

We declare the right of the Irish People to the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be sovereign and indefeasible. We, the Irish People, demand our legal endowment from the 1987 Supreme Court Crotty ruling to a national referendum on the continuing membership of the World Health Organisation. We do so because the WHO intends to force a Trojan Horse Treaty upon us disguised as a new ‘Agreement’ and as a complete overhaul of Regulations. We demand, in the first instance, that the Irish Government rejects these manoeuvres as a breach of WHO membership rules and which require a four-month window before any changes are adopted

But we see through and beyond the agency of the WHO, to a multi-front agenda determined to create a bio-digital technocracy which threatens to subvert all liberal democracies and so we reach out to all at home and abroad, now awakening to the real and present danger from it.

Whispered through the sound of silence during the Lockdowns is the stark warning about the banality of evil from Hannah Arendt who studied the Eichmann Trial in Jerusalem in the early 60’s and who predicted that 21st century totalitarianism would be led, not by the monsters of the last one but by the banal bureaucrats of the next.

So, we recognise and applaud the intervention of all US Republican Senators to demand a Senate vote on the WHO plans to subvert US sovereignty, the rejection of it by large numbers of State Attorney Generals and the determination of many State legislatures, led by Louisiana to reject the WHO, the UN and the World Economic Forum. We recognise the intentions of the UK, Netherland and the Slovak Republic to reject the WHO and note that these events occur as the first major vaccine is pulled from human health due to the clotting of our human blood.

We muster here outside this Globalist Summit to remind its participants of our sovereign rights and personal freedom and to say to them; We see you. We see the psychological assault and abuse from advanced military grade propaganda across media that crushed informed consent, targeted, delicensed and deplatformed scientific dissent which, together with Government Lockdown fiats, compelled over 5.5bn people to be injected with experimental substances, while inexpensive, repurposed medicines were denigrated

We See You.

We see the preparation, the lowering of the bar on defining pandemics in 2009, by dropping high mortality and morbidity. We see the abandonment of established science on corona viruses in favour of inflicting even more damaging lockdowns, we see the redefinition of the term vaccine itself to no longer include stopping infection and transmission. We see the rising evidence everywhere, of excess deaths, disablement and harm caused to the human immune system; infertility, stage four turbo cancers, myocarditis, autoimmune disease and death by clotting.

We see in the WHO plans for a doubling down, for the reintroduction of discredited PCR test cycles but this time used in human wastewater to find pathogens, list them as national resources, enhance them in national gain-of-function bioweapon laboratories, to partner with pharmaceutical manufacturers in a repeat of the same model as the Wuhan Institute of Virology which, clearly birthed Covid 19.

We see and recognise the emblems of control and compliance; the ineffective face masks, the social distancing, the abandonment of the elderly to lonely deaths and the alienation of the Irish People from our ancient rites of grieving.

We See You.

We see the instrument of control revealed as you now attempt to double down; ensnaring freedom further through Digital ID surveillance passports that will hold vaccine records, personal carbon limits and spending restrictions controlled by remotely programmable Central Bank Digital Currency. We know these controls are being discussed at this globalist summit.

We see the captivity of social media platforms and search engines to thwart dissenters and send a cold chill through people splintered and divided by the propaganda from cheerleaders who led the vilification and demonisation of those who failed to comply.

We see the intention to roll out an assembly line of unilateral emergency declarations by the WHO Director General, to repeat the abuse, to control and demoralise the human population. He speaks tomorrow, giving a keynote address.

We See You.

We call on all Irish men and women engaged directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly in the silence of this fading Irish political establishment and we call on those engaged at editorial level that led to the abandonment of the Irish People by the 4th Estate, the old media. We call upon you to turn away from your masters and their captive fact-checkers and turn instead towards the Irish People.

We see you through the wider agenda your attempts to subvert the bonds of homogenous society and family itself; the flooding of Ireland through unrestricted refugees advanced by the UN, the attempt to redefine family itself, rejected so emphatically by the Irish People, the proposal to restrict free speech through so-called Hate Speech laws and the distorted sexualisation and misgendering of our young children through UN education ideologies. We see you attempt to shatter the foundations of society, preparing it for its subjugation to your bio-digital technocracy, the very fulcrum of your 21st century totalitarian ambitions.

We see you in the Irish government’s continued participation in a globalist enterprise for which it has no mandate from the Irish People, a people who fought long and hard to repel the grip of empire, to which we have no intention of capitulating, no matter how it disguises itself: WHO Pandemic Agreement, Agenda 2030 with its so-called Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Migration Pact.

We see you in the moves to bring representative democracy to an end by replacing it with Stakeholder Capitalism. This is a model of centralised anti-democratic global governance advanced by the unelected World Economic Forum, which craves fusing state power, NGOs and corporate power, to the growing global power of unaccountable and unelected supranational institutions like the WHO and the UN.

We See You.

We see the Irish government cheering on the WHO while operating a hidden shadow programme for government which is largely founded on policies originating from these globalist institutions and whose impact is destroying social cohesion and stripping the Irish people of their rights, freedoms and sovereignty.

We see the perverse influence of the World Economic Forum in Irish affairs and in Irish leadership. We call on the next Government to prohibit membership of the WEF by cabinet members and by senior civil servants and members of our diplomatic corps and to openly declare the State’s opposition to that organisation’s Neo-Malthusian depopulation agenda, which traces back to an economic philosophy that underpinned the vast human catastrophe and depopulation of Ireland of the 1840’s.

We see the continued use by this fading Irish Government of disingenuous language and rhetoric to promote globalist policies to an unsuspecting public under the patently false pretext of safety, compassion, international obligation and climate change

We see the Irish Government’s failure to address critical aspects of the pandemic response including vaccine disabilities, harms and excess deaths. The lack of any meaningful investigation into the crisis betrays a fundamental disrespect for the Irish people who shouldered the burden of your policies, while you demonstrated an intolerable lack of accountability on your part

We demand an immediate independent transparent criminal investigation into the vaccines and into the handling of the pandemic response encompassing all clinical aspects including the legitimacy of using uber-magnified PCR tests. We demand fulsome disclosures of all communication with third party institutions and especially with personnel connected with the WHO, the Wellcome Trust, Imperial College London, European Medicines Agency and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

We call on the new political establishment gathering in the wings to enshrine the Nuremberg Code into Irish law and to fight any resistance to doing so, recognising that this resistance can only have one objective; to cover up potential crimes.

To the Globalists here and everywhere, We See You.

We see among you the ambition to become transhuman beings, and an intention to convince us that we are not of Spirit and Soul, that we are not of God. We reject, most of all, this dark impulse in its entirety. We see contriving through it a malevolence that is not and never will be in us

Under God, We Sign This Declaration

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