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Inspired by the Magna Carta of 1215, the cornerstone for human rights and modern democracy, 1215 Tribes is a platform dedicated to help you to robustly defend personal freedoms and the free exchange of information in a world increasingly governed by restrictive laws and centralized control.


Eddie Hobbs on the Global Economic Summit, the wannabe WEF Davos event happened in Killarney Ireland on 20th May 2024

We declare the right of the Irish People to the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be sovereign and indefeasible. We, the Irish People, demand our legal endowment from the 1987 Supreme Court Crotty ruling to a national referendum on the continuing membership of the World Health Organisation... Read More

Breaking the Silence

Eddie Hobbs author of the 2005 blockbuster Rip Off Republic, attracted a huge audience in Cork April 25th 2024

This is an expose of the technocracy agenda by globalists concealed within the newly arrived WHO Pandemic Agreement and changes to the 2005 International Health Regulations, about which he has been campaigning on X and TikTok. The Free, Open Public gathering packed out the Silver Springs convention centre in Cork, with people travelling from all over Ireland and 100 cars turned away for lack of space. Here, he outlines the historical run up to Covid through the bioweapons sector, sets out the timeline of events and actors, describes the advanced psychological operations inflicted upon us, and reports upon the Wuhan cover up. He also brings to public attention in Ireland for the first time, evidence from author David Webb in The Great Taking, that the digitalised securities marketplace may be the hidden collateral underneath the two quadrillion dollar derivatives mountain. He draws a sharp distinction between direct property ownership and contractual rights for entitlement holders in the event of a financial crisis that would see central clearing parties, liquidated. He has written to the Governor of the Irish Central Bank drawing attention to an exchange between top US Fed and EU lawyers in 2006. He describes the gathering in Cork as a mustering to take action by the Irish People themselves due to the abandonment of then by the Irish 4th Estate and its determination to avoid examining the pandemic, compromised like the prevailing political establishment, from not protecting the Irish People from the abuses of mind and body that the so-called pandemic wrought upon them. He pulls no punches in an informative, entertaining, and humorous presentation. Please send out to your network. Every small act of defiance helps.

1215 Tribes

Inspired by the Magna Carta of 1215, the cornerstone for human rights and modern democracy, 1215 Tribes is a platform dedicated to the robust defense of personal freedoms and the free exchange of information. In a world increasingly governed by restrictive laws and centralized control, we stand as a beacon of hope and resistance.

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Our mission is to challenge the status quo by fostering a community committed to debating, learning, and advocating for the principles of freedom and equity. Join us in resisting 21st-century totalitarianism through informed action and collective wisdom.

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Freedom of Speech

We advocate for a world where every voice can be heard without fear of repression or censorship

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Our resources and discussions are designed to enlighten and empower individuals, equipping them with the knowledge needed to make a stand

Defense of Personal Freedoms

We promote peaceful active engagement in defending rights that are under threat, from surveillance and control through a globalist agenda

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The EU Battleground for WHO Treaty - Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

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Robert F Kennedy 2020 predicts Fauci and Gates behavior on Vaccines

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